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Related article: Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 10:39:58 EST From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 36"Adventures of Tray and Jay 36"PART 36: BROS IN THE WILDMy big bro and me talked about taking someone with us for the weekend, but both of the lover boys were out because Dylan had some "big college Rugby deal" (big college dick to suck) and Adam at least came right out and admitted his dick had been hard and his nuts blue thinking of what he could do to John for two or three days by themselves ever since Tray and me first mentioned our idea of a mountain getaway. A real one in the back forests, not some Jellystone Park. So fuck them, uh-huh?I said how about my best buddy Chet, he's enough for more than the two of us. Tray suggested these two surf bums he knows, yeah, both of 'em! I went, let's take my angel boy, Jonathan, he's so cute. Tray said why not Brock the paper boy, if it's chicken we want, do it right. I aimed low and brought up Todd Jameson, who gave me more than his number, and that nailed big bro but the bastard got out his wallet and said he had the same number. So Tray shoots Father Beau at me and I fire back with Dad.That made us both throw wood, and we were on our knees real close in the living room so we copped rough feels of each other's big bones and got to kissing all wet and dirty with our eyes open the whole time loving every second of it, and that's when we tapped into our brains at the same time and got dizzy with our crazy-assed brotherly love, okay, the real thing. Because, I mean, Tray and me really love each other, and all we wanted was to get off (yeah) by ourselves for once.End of discussion, even if we flipped into a hot 69 and slurped each other's fraternal rocks off! Man, my bro's seed tastes so awesome and sticks in my mouth and throat better than anyone's. I wondered how wild it would be alone and buck naked in the deep woods neckin and gropin and fuckin like the other animals. So naturally I forced Tray on his stomach right when he was weakest with his juicy cock dripping in my throat and went to fucking his Lolita Sites funky butt right there in the living room with nothing more than his thick, deep throat lube helping it penetrate him. Shit, I couldn't help it, even though he turned bright red and winced and tightened up all over even more than he already was, I just pounded his sweet ass for twenty minutes, and he never got over the pain but when he heard me start to spaz and groan and my 9" wonder swelled to 9.5 or so up his boiling guts his spot was tweaked and he just turned his head back to me with his mouth totally open and we sucked each other's faces and throbbed off together! Fuckin-A, yeah! Oh, what a beautiful thing we have.We never play hookie, neither of us, but we did that Friday because it's a long-ass drive up to where we had planned and besides, we were horny bastards and only some heavy damn action in total isolation would fix us. The drive up was outrageous, I mean nature and all, and the further we went the quieter it got inside the Jeep. It was spring but real warm already and I had to force my eyes outside because every time I got a glimpse of Tray's legs bare all the way from his ankles up to the skimpy, loose openings of his red, nylon jogger shorts, I felt lightheaded and wanted more than anything to go down on him right then and there as the Jeep wound higher and higher up the peaceful road. But that could be very dangerous!Out of the blue, Tray whipped the Jeep to the side and skidded to a halt and jerked the parking break up and turned it off and...fuck me! He climbed over on top of me and took my head in both of his big hands and kissed me so tender but wet with his lips and tongue, hell, his whole mouth, that I melted and sagged there in my seat and went liquid. I swear, Tray owned me right then. My brother slaked off my mouth and then felt me all over, his fingers explored into my sweaty pits that were open from a huge gash all the way down the sides of my tank top and then under to my riled nips and playing with my damp chest hairs all over, but when he took my belly that soft, innocent way he did I lost it and gasped into him.I started coming to my senses. I felt his hard butt cheeks that were resting on my strong thighs and tugged, and that's all it took, okay, Tray rose up and had to lean over me to do it because of how cramped it was, but he offered me his totally stiff crotch and I went ape shit! I had my hands in there so fast it made the inside of the Jeep spin and before either of us knew it his long, thick rock was poking in and out of my little mouth. And then he came! Just like that! I felt him spazzing in me, pulsing, throbbing, jabbing, fucking my damn face just as easy and smooth as can be, and I started choking because Tray emptied out the most major load of creamy spunk anyone ever got all at once! So I choked on it but cool! I coughed when it got to be really too much to hold, you know, and felt it splatter out onto his dark pubes and tight abs and shrunken nuts.That's when Tray eased out and back onto my thighs and looked at what he did. My lips and chin had his jiz all over, too, and some dripped down to the front of my tank top, but I was swallowing like crazy and licking him off me and straining to get the rest from down there on his mean, sweaty body, so he noticed and let me have it. He even twitched off more as my tongue lashed up his sperm from his sensitive young man body and buried his cock one more time down my throat to release the rest of his seed. I felt it, too.Tray sighed real loud and overwhelmed and fell back in the driver's seat, and we both sat there dazed a minute and looked at each other again finally and both sighed then and blinked. Then I leaned over and took my big bro easier and softer than just before. The feel of his strong but gentle hands playing with my hair and neck sent shivers through me. My hair and neck and ears, and sometimes down to my chin and throat, and when Tray put two of his long fingers over my slick lips and followed the up-and-down movement of my mouth over his aching, long shaft, I whimpered and wrapped my arms around his waist and held on to him like some little, lost boy or something. I was all fuzzy and soft in my head and all I wanted was to give my big brother all the pleasure I possibly could, to make him do it in me again. I knew he had more cream in his nuts.I could even feel his sweet precum flowing into my hungry mouth and maybe a little of his leftover cum from before, and he just sat there still and rubbed my head with one hand while those two fingers of his other hand traced the blowjob I was giving him, and my mouth slowly forced his two fingers further down, all the way to his thick, boy-smelly bush, and that's when I felt the little change that always comes in Tray right before the blast, I mean the second blast in a row, just this tiny shift in his belly and abs and a wild flare of his body heat, and I laughed! Around the huge muffle of Tray's tasty prick, I laughed, and the hand on my head took a fistful of my hair and squeezed, and his juice went off in me.I went all the way down and stopped with him, Tray, his entire, quivering, spewing, rocking, 18-year-old, never-empty cock, all the way inside me for the whole insane second coming. I stayed down there with him shooting off in me and his pungent pubes tickling my little nose and the man smell of physical exertion and sexual ecstasy filling my nose and head with delirious waves of happiness and satisfaction, and some deep part of my brain brought up the fact that I am for sure one happy motherfucking cocksucker!A car horn blared past and faded off, but we didn't give a damn. I sat up when I was ready and wiped the heavy sweat from my face and said, "I really love you, big brother." The look he gave me said a lot more than that back to me."Why'd you do me twice, man?" Tray asked, and it was such an idiot thing to say I almost didn't answer at all."Shut up, you stupid asshole!" I finally said and busted up laughing. It was late afternoon so we hit the road again."Jay.""Yeah.""I can feel you still. Your wetness. All over me, see. I wish it wouldn't ever go away, you know."There was a guy trudging uphill a few yards ahead of us with one massive backpack, and Tray and me looked at each other and grinned, then shook our heads. The guy turned, and when his face showed, Tray slammed on the breaks again and skidded onto the dirt beside the road. The guy was about 20, 6' even, neck-length brown hair that was all wet from sweat, and his dirty T-shirt was soaking, too. Even his faded jeans were dark in places from over-exertion, especially in the groove between his thighs. His skin was smooth and pale and shiny, and I even saw sweat dripping from his chin. He was about to drop.He stood there just staring blankly at us, and when I jumped out he didn't seem to see me. I walked right up to him, and then Tray was on his other side, and still he was out of it. Tray and me don't have to say much sometimes, I just undid his waist strap and then we each took one of his shoulder straps that were soaked and lifted and off came the pack, and what happened next was so precious my bro and me couldn't help smiling. The guy's arms went up above his shoulders, and then his heels lifted off the dirt, and his eyes totally glazed over, and he headed straight back.Of course, the bros were there for him, only he was so wet and slick we almost couldn't get a grip, but at least he didn't get hurt falling. We eased his trip down to the side of the road, and I went and got a gallon of water from the Jeep and poured just a little over his face. Tray lifted his head up, and I gave him some water which he must have smelled because his mouth opened a little for it. He choked and sputtered and I had to refuse to give him more for a minute, and that really made me feel shitty but I know some things.A few minutes later, the guy could focus on us and swallow and lick his lips, and I swear both Tray and me shook our heads and bit our bad-ass lips."I'm Tray. This is my little bro, Jay.""Taylor," the guy, or stud muffin, croaked. I let him have some more water, and he got it all down and sat up. He took a deep breath and looked around. "What happened? I was walking along and kept thinking something bad was going to happen, and I got scared, and then it seemed to pass, and I was looking Lolita Sites down on myself from above, which seemed very odd, but I felt totally relaxed and peaceful and was so grateful that nothing bad happened like I thought it was going to. But, I don't remember you two being here."Tray and Lolita Sites me frowned at each other."Come on, Taylor," we both said at once and grinned, and then I finished for us: "We're going a little ways up the road if you want to come along."Taylor may have suffered sun stroke or heat exhaustion or whatever, but he wasn't stupid. His mother warned him about men like us. But he swallowed hard and blinked that droopy, sexy way he has, even if it was from dehydration, and he ignored his mother.We were about a mile up the road when Taylor went, "Woaaaa!" and held up a very full and used condom between us, and I was Lolita Sites actually so damn shocked my mouth fell open."Jesus, Tray!" I said and made this disgusted look, and Tray just looked at me like, are you kidding, bro? I had to take the nasty thing from Taylor or he might have held it there and stared at it all the way to camp!"So what are you doing out here alone, dude?" I asked our sexy guest."I don't know, it seemed like a great idea for something new, and I thought, hey, how much do you need to know about camping, right? I'm not usually so stupid, really."Taylor looked real down on himself and held his head in his hands, so I squeezed his arm. "Well, relax, dude. You can tag along with us. We have our own tent, and you obviously have everything but the kitchen sink. So, uh, take off your shirt, why don't you, and relax."Tray shot me this totally wicked glare, only it made my already drippy, frisky teenage dick go all happy in my sweat shorts. I was pleased to see Taylor listened to me, and off came his wet shirt. I took it from him and held it to my nose instinctively, okay, and breathed him in, and he and Tray both gave me funny looks that time so I blushed a little and handed it back to Lolita Sites Taylor."I thought I was the only guy in the world who likes the smell of sweat and strain and maybe a little dirt mixed in," Taylor said quietly with a cute, sheepish smile, and my face really lit up. Plus my hand went to his knee, but that made him nervous so I let go. I was making Tray real uneasy, so that was cool.Finally we pulled off the paved road onto a dirt trail that led back into dense forest. We parked it where no one would see and unloaded our packs and asked Taylor if he'd be okay now, and he lied, so we shouldered our packs and each took a side of Taylor and headed out. It was incredible. Freshness all around us, perfect weather, and warm clothes packed away if it turned colder. Perfect weather for a hike."I just need to take a piss," Taylor grinned after a half-hour and stepped away with his back to us. But, the bros being shameless fags, we stepped up beside him and whipped ours out. We all had to pee bad, I guess, because there were three strong streams of bright yellow for a while. We were relieved when Taylor's curiosity showed first, and he tried not to let on as he took a quick look at first Tray, then me. Only, when he got a look at me he kind of gasped so I looked up at his face and it went real red, and he stared forward, shaking it off a little hard."It's cool, Taylor, I know Lolita Sites I have a big one," I assured him, and he swallowed and looked humiliated still. "But shit, so do you.""Yeah, well, I'm not...I mean, damn, kid, how old are you, 16?" he asked."Seventeen.""Yeah, well, still, Jay. That's almost...I don't know...a crime or something on a kid like you.""I don't get it, dude, when is it supposed to reach it's full length?" I wondered out loud. "Yours is about 9", right? So how old were you when it hit that mark?"Mine was stretching out to the full 9 in my hand, and Tray's was already maxed out at his 8.5 glory. My big bro was awful quiet over there, making me do all the dirty work."Oh, uh, jeez, I don't know how long mine is, really, I Lolita Sites never measured it," Taylor admitted, so I turned to him and flopped my pecker next to his. Taylor jumped a little but settled down, and his dick pumped full of young blood in a heartbeat. Yeah, it looked a lot like mine only it had a huge, red head and was thicker like Tray's and his fucking balls were massive. They hung there totally loose outside of his white jockeys.I moved closer to him, so close our cocks were quivering hard side by side, and Taylor stopped breathing. His hand stroked his meat a second before he came to his senses, but I was gone with mine. I jacked it more or less shamelessly and let my nice round cockhead poke into his blond pubes, but he freaked and jumped back and put it away. Tray made a face at me but I motioned him to back off and relax, and that's how all three of us ended up walking through the forest with raging boners.We all knew our campsite when we saw it. A perfect clearing with a river nearby. We dropped our packs by a huge tree. At last I stripped off my tank top and Tray lost his fast, too, and we all had some water, passing the gallon jug in a tight circle."Anyone feel like a swim?" I asked with a wink to Tray, and he nodded. We started getting naked before Taylor's shocked eyes, but our boners were gone at least, and when he saw us standing there waiting he shrugged and tore off his own funky clothes. "Come on!" I yelled and ran ahead waving at them. I jumped in right away and the stream was real gentle. But the water was still cold as fuck! My balls shriveled up fast and I was too surprised to warn the guys, but they found out soon enough! Yeah! Tray was pissed! He got me and dunked me and then we went to playing kind of familiar, you know, and forgot about Taylor until Tray held me close in his arms and we almost kissed."Hey, guys," Taylor interrupted us, way off by himself. He was standing close to shore with only the bottoms of his legs in the water, and his cock and nads were all shrunk up! I walked toward him and couldn't even feel mine so I didn't know my prick was fully heated and up until Taylor's eyes told me, and then I didn't bother looking, okay, I walked up and took that boy's hand and led him deeper into the water."Come on, Taylor, play with us," I whispered, and he pulled away a little but I held on. "Come on, boy. Nobody'll see," and with that I tackled him kind of hard and got my dick up between his ass cheeks as we hit our knees in the muddy bottom of the river. Tray walked over with his nice boner waving freely for Taylor to see and stopped and kneeled in front of the dude. So I was pressed close behind Taylor and Tray was right in front of him, and the bros went to playing with him.Taylor shook, but it wasn't from cold. My nose nuzzled his neck and Tray's hands started on Taylor's chest and went down under the water, and when Taylor spazzed back into me I knew what Tray was touching then."Tray! Lolita Sites Oh, God, man! That's my thing! You know! God! I shouldn't do this. You two go ahead, whatever, really, okay? Leave me out.""Come on, man," Tray whispered. "What's the big deal? Never tried it with a man? Or a boy? Doesn't mean you're queer like me and my little bro.""I'm not!""So relax," I said and kissed his back. Taylor groaned powerlessly and shivered again.Then he broke away and headed for shore, where he sat on his nice butt with his knees up and his arms hooked around his legs. Tray and me slowly moved to his side and stood there."Go ahead, guys, I don't mind, really," Taylor said, shivering. "I don't know, maybe I'll...whatever...maybe I'll watch."Tray surprised me then, he just dropped to his knees and sucked my big old cock into Lolita Sites his mouth, and both Taylor and me gasped! Yeah, that was hot! And that boy sat there and watched and he really tried not to touch himself but he's only 20 and his pecker went hard as ours and without meaning to he just grabbed it and stroked it for warmth maybe and as he got hotter he leaned back and even played with his huge nuts while his eyes moved all over Tray and me, especially where Tray's mouth met my dick and took it all the way in him. I think that really impressed Taylor because every time Tray's nose buried in my pubes, Taylor's mouth opened wider and his tongue flicked over his lips and his eyes drooped.Plus Taylor made a mess with his clear stuff flowing all over and the sound of his hand jacking his wet peter was so hot! I grabbed Tray's head and winced and jammed my shaft all the way in him and my back arched and spit flew from my mouth and I looked in time to see Taylor's dick spray cum up onto his overwhelmed face as I got off in my bro's smiling face! Before I was done shooting, Taylor got up and rinsed fast in the water and then headed back to camp to get dressed fast. Tray stood and took me in his arms for a long, unconcerned kiss before we joined Taylor.Okay, well, Taylor kind of tried to make himself disappear, only we were out in the middle of nowhere and he was wiped, so even if he wanted to get his fine ass out of there it wasn't gonna happen until he slept on it. And the bros never ignore a guest! Taylor sat on the ground with his back against a big tree and his head nodding off so cute I warmed up inside fast. He had thrown on his jeans and nothing else and he didn't even bother buttoning up so his thick bush sprayed out all over. So Tray and me unstrapped his pup tent and set it up nice and then rolled out his down bag inside it for him and then...Shit, we each grabbed an arm and lifted his sleepy butt up and helped him over to his home away from home and then eased him on in there and somehow we ended up in there with him and he was so damn exhausted that he yawned and smiled and blinked and I admit I was the first one to lose control and, uh, just stroke him light and friendly over his rock hard, gently heaving chest and belly. And I swear! Taylor bit his lip and grinned, and what are two gay boys to do?Tray slid down low so his one arm was all the way out in front of him and his other played softly with Taylor's damp hair and warm face. We both noticed the strain developing down one leg of Taylor's button-flys, and the flaps were laid out to the sides and I swooned and sighed and swallowed and both of us reached at the same time and reverently fingered Taylor's pubes."Oh, my God, Jay, we're fucking shameless!" Tray whispered and Taylor chuckled all sleepy. My hand went for his huge nuts and their wild manly wetness surged through my whole body and made me leak inside the Speedos I threw on after our swim. Tray's Tommy's tented all straight out and there was this big sticky wet spot you know where!Taylor woke up more and said, "Hey, boys, I thought we settled that?" but he didn't push us away, okay, like, oh, no, please, don't suck my dick! I went down on him right then and there, and his body spazzed and then he sat up and took my head in both hands and tried to protest, he did! He tried! But his mouth failed him because his throat was too busy groaning and moaning and carrying on like any damn normal 20-year-old fox! I know that's a real old word, but Taylor is, he's a genuine fox!I had to hand it to Tray, he just put his hand on Taylor's forehead and pushed his pretty head back down and flipped around in the cramped space so he could lick those sexy, funky man balls of Taylor's while I sucked and tongued his bursting young shaft so nasty it was dripping my sweet spit! I like oral sex, what can I say? It makes me drool, okay? And Taylor spread then, you bet! His knees jutted out to his sides and that drove Tray down under his hanging nads and pushing on those beefy, unsuspecting legs and forcing me higher up Taylor's side so my big bro could rim the poor guy's virgin crack with a vicious surprise and a talented mouth that's wetter and wilder than I can ever hope to be!So Taylor took his own ankles and yanked them back to his fucking ears! I never saw anything like it, he's so limber I got faint thinking what else he could do! I have a hot imagination! I had to move again up onto my knees to get to his steel cock that was glued to his belly up to his little outie button and I pried it off and forced it down my throat, all the way, you know it, and my crazy cocksucking plus Tray's feverish buttlicking sent Taylor over fast. His pecker pumped off jiz-blast after spunk-splash straight down my belly!Tray giggled that nasty queer way he does when he's really satisfied with his part in a stud boy's climax and Taylor choked in total freaking joy while I got drunk off my 17- year-old boy ass on one humongous, living, throbbing, pleasure-giving, nectar-squirting god tool that was buried inside me and sharing its absolute all with me! I mean I honestly thought I'd pass out in gratitude.As Taylor's legs settled back down and he struggled to breathe normally, I leaned closer to my bro and pressed my cum- and spit-slicked lips to his wild ones and we frenched and slurped on each other over Taylor, and when we paused for air and licked each other off our mouths we saw Taylor boy watching keenly. So there was no thought, right, we just dive-bombed his teasing mouth and took it together! Oh, my God, Taylor gasped and shuddered and gripped us in shock but again he didn't push us away!Pretty soon Taylor sagged in defeat and whimpered and knew he didn't want us to stop. The three of us lay there in a Lolita Sites heap smooching, really, all three of our mouths clashing and biting and licking and spraying riled saliva freely among our prime stud suck holes, and that reminded me, Taylor had one, too! I jumped up fast and shoved my boy rod in his startled, gaping mouth and watched him take it first in horror and soon in absolute natural discovery! His glowing cheeks and sparkling eyes said yeah, dick is cool!And he turned his eyes up to me when he felt my already big thing swell more right before the explosion, and he knew what was coming because he grinned and nodded and made this hot-hot man sound from the center of his chest and escaping from his mouth around my insane cock! Taylor seized my Rugger ass cheeks in both of his strong hands and pulled me into him, and that's when I arched my back and broke out in a total sweat and blasted my full late-adolescent nutcracker sweets to the back of his throat and felt his fiery, wet, tight shaft-squeezer milk me off into his thirsty, curious belly!We gave it a rest for a while. Actually we conked out right there, all piled up nice and cozy, and I was first to wake up. The sun was going down, and it wasn't warm any more! I rolled out of that tiny tent and staggered around looking for my clothes and felt better dressed for once and then decided to surprise the boys with a campfire! Yeah! Right. No, I did it, but I mean, it wasn't as easy as you'd think. Jay's no damn Boy Scout!I'm also no damn simpleton, and I found plenty of wood and kindling and a mighty Bic and a place with no branches right overhead and actually pulled the fucker off! I was proud of myself, you bet. And the guys were real happy when they came out in their undies all shivering with their arms around their chests and got dressed fast, very fast! It was cool kneeling around the fire, the three of us, warming our hands and everything and smelling the sap or whatever, but then the big bastard had to go and do it!"I wonder if there are bears up here," Tray wondered out loud, and Taylor nodded like that would be wild!"Bears?" I went."Uh-huh," yawned Tray, and he settled back on his butt with his legs crossed so we all did. I scooted closer to him."Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!" Taylor sang rudely, grinning at me, but then when something howled way off he changed his tune awful fast and I cracked up! Taylor blushed and kept looking at me funny. "I don't know to thank you guys or what, you know, for...whatever.""I sure had one hot whatever, dude," I poked gentle fun at the boy. Tray put his arms around us like a big daddy or some freaky shit even if Taylor was oldest, but it was fine with us little boys right then. I felt Taylor's arms holding onto Tray like mine were."Okay, bears, bring it on, I dare ya!" I said all cocky as hell and made everyone bust up, but I kind of prayed not to get what I asked for."Come on, let's eat!" said Tray and made us get up. We brought freeze-dried lasagna and ice cream and all kinds of nasty crap so we were set! We rigged up a grill to set a little pot on and boiled some water and in no time we're scarfing like those wolves somewhere. The ice cream was...disgusting! Okay, I was going to be nice, but I cannot tell a lie that audacious. Re-hydrated, flavored chalk! Lolita Sites Gack! But I packed hot cocoa so Jay saved the day.Well, Tray and me brought a real tent so we all set that up and sighed and stood there and nodded our heads, and finally I said, "Dudes, I gotta piss like a horse, so either excuse me or join me," and I moved off into the darkness by a tree and whipped it out...and I didn't hear a thing but someone's hand reached around me and took my limp thing and I sniffed and knew my big bro right off."Bro, hold on a sec and I'll stick it wherever you say, okay, but right now I'm serious, I gotta piss bad!" I said almost laughing because it hurt. I sighed and grunted and said fuck it and cut loose right there with my big floppy dick in Tray's hand, and he...damn, he went down on his knees and turned me so I couldn't help what happened, I just pissed all over him! Well, I tried to clamp it off but then even in the dark I saw his eyes shine and I knew he wanted it so I let him have it good right in the face! I stood there aiming my prick at my bro's face and smelling my funky piss splatter off him."What's going on?" Taylor asked and slowly came closer. "Oh! Oh, my God!"Fuck, yeah! I mean, I really had to go something fierce, and Tray's shirt and hair and everything were soaking wet and it was still coming on strong when he took my cock in his fingers and ducked his head a little and snagged a quick taste and it made me go half- hard, that did it, alright, so I ran my fingers through his nasty hair and felt myself all over him and dropped to my knees with him as my piss shot on between us.Tray and me kissed and touched and I got my hand down his soaking pants and felt his rock hard piece and had to have it, so I leaned forward and took him out and on my hands and knees sucked my big bro's juicy, pissy dick. I knew it had to be Taylor who kneeled behind me and fingered my crack through my pants even if my eyes were closed in the thrill of tasting my brother and me that way.Taylor got my pants down and I was hardly aware of it, even when he spit in his hand and went to fingering my hole good and slow. Okay, but I knew it when he shoved his cock up my guts! Fuckin-A! God, that hurt so bad I opened my eyes, but Tray held my head and wouldn't let me off his hard-on! So both of them were fucking me either end and it hurt so good I shoved my ass up higher for Taylor boy and grabbed Tray boy's cheeks and dug my fingers in his crack good.That sent Tray over right there! He grew in me real fast and sighed and did it in my throat, SPAZ SPAZ SPAZ SPAZ SPAZ! Over and over! I don't know how that much jiz can shoot through a cock all at once, each damn squirt was a mouthful and I felt bro lean over me and his damp upper body flare heat into me, and then I heard him and Taylor smooching off above me!So of course Taylor grunts and goes faster, real faster, okay, and BASHES his butt-fucker in and out of me and finally cuts loose some wild-ass Tarzan yell or something! Really, Taylor shot his whole primitive man nut bomb up my ass, and it felt like Tray did going off in my face hole! Fuck me, I was in Heaven!Tray's dick plopped from my mouth so I licked my piss and his sweat and stud musk off his abs and then got a real good taste off his swinging nuts, and Taylor just pumped slower, that's all. Working on another load for little Jay boy, no doubt! And shit yeah, Jay boy's ready!Tray said, "Let's go check out the big tent, boys," so we all did. I grabbed our bags and shit fast. You can't trust my big bro alone with another dude for a second.
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